Brass microscope by Zentmayer – c1876

An exceptional American Histological Model by Zentmayer.  It is signed on the stand, “J Zentmayer, Phila, Pat’d Aug 15 76.”  The instrument is 12” tall in closed position.  It has rack and pinion coarse focus, and micrometer knob fine focus.  All rack work in excellent operating condition. The optical system is comprised of three unmarked objectives and two eyepieces.  Though unmarked, the lenses appear to be a 2”, 1”, and ¼”.  The 2” and 1” produce very clear images of good contrast.  The slide stage is equipped with a glass and brass slide carrier.  It is remarkable to find these carriers at all, let alone in such complete and perfect condition.  The substage tailpiece assembly swings laterally for oblique illumination.  The substage mirror is plano-concave, excellent on the concave side, but with considerable age separation on the plane side.  The substage condenser is a stop housing with two stops.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a black base.  The lacquer coverage is complete and in very fine condition with only minimal wear.  The microscope is housed in its own hand dove tailed walnut case with brass carry handle, lock and key, and interior accessory drawer.  The case is in overall excellent usable condition.  In itself, the instrument is a sparkling example of Zentmayer’s art.  With the extremely rare addition of the delicate glass slide stage, it is a museum example an important moment in the history of the American microscope.

Item 1423

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