Zeiss model “C” microscope – circa 1922

A very large professional model Zeiss microscope with wide body optical tube.  The instrument is signed on the optical tube, “Carl Zeiss, Jena, No. 103344”.   Its quad nosepiece holds four original Apochromat Zeiss lenses: an Apochromat 5, an Apochromat 10, an Apochromat 40 with correction collar, and an Apochromat “X” 60 oil immersion.  There are three eyepieces: a 6x, a Zeiss K.12 15x, and a Zeiss K.18 20x.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion with dual concentric knobs, and fine focus is with micrometer knobs on the sides of the limb.  The instrument stands about 12” tall in closed position, and opens to a working height of 14”.  The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition on both sides.  The rotating circular stage has full lateral mechanical slide adjustment and locking mechanisms for all positions. The condenser is an Abbe type with a variable iris diaphragm that can be moved off axis for oblique illumination.  The instrument is finished in lacquered and painted brass.  It retains most of its original lacquer and paint with minimal wear, notably on the nosepiece, which is in polished brass condition.  The microscope is housed in its original mahogany case with brass carry handle, interior lens and eyepiece blocks, and accessory box, lock and key.  The case is in excellent usable condition.  This is a very substantial, early professional model with a desirable set of original Apochromatic lenses.  It has a commanding presence and is a joy to use.

Item 1414

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