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19th Carl Zeiss brass microscope

The serial number would date this microscope to circa 1886. It is signed: "Carl Zeiss, Jena, No. 11311" in script on the barrel, and "Agent, Wm. Hurse, Optician, Edinburgh" also in script. The microscope stands 11 1/4" when closed. It comes with three Carl Zeiss objectives marked "aa", "AA", and "D", and one other objective marked 3" PARA. The lenses fit to the nosepiece with a dovetail slider that allows minute lateral movement with two thumb screws. The Zeiss lenses come in matching brass canisters. The system comes with three eyepieces marked: "4", "2", and "10x". Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus by a graduated wheel on top of the limb. All controls are in excellent working condition. There is a swing-out sub-stage Abbe condenser with a rack and pinion adjustable filter holder for the extensive collection of sub-stage stops (see photo). An additional condenser with two changeable stops slides into a dovetail joint under the stage. The finish is lacquered brass and black base. The microscope retains all of its original lacquer. The black painted base shows some brassing and spotting, but is otherwise fine. The graduated fine focus wheel shows wear in the finish, although the number scale is clear and distinct. The plano-concave mirror is excellent. There is a separate mirror that is capable of extensive movement on its articulated arm (see photo). The microscope is housed in a unique dove-tailed mahogany case with ample space and slots for extra accessories. The case measures 9 " x 16 " x 5 " and has a brass carry handle. In addition to numerous lens slots, the case is fitted with a separate mahogany accessory box.

Item 1039

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