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A superb microscope in excellent condition, it is marked "WILD – Heerbrugg – Switzerland", and stands 14" high to the top of the eyepieces. The microscope base has a footprint of 8" x 5 ". It comes with its own variable transformer and light. The removable nosepiece has six Wild lenses: 4x n.a. .10 -- 7x n.a. .20 -- 10x n.a. .25 -- 40x n.a. .65 d=.17 -- HI 50 n.a. 1.0 Wild Fluotar -- HI 100 n.a. 1.25 Pol. The changeable condenser has n.a. of .65 in low power, and 1.30 in high power. The two binocular eyepieces are Wild 15xK. The mechanical stage is precise and smooth as silk, and has micrometer scales. This microscope looks and works as good as new with the superb quality and optics you would expect from one of the world’s leading instrument manufacturers. Two other Wild M20 microscopes are also available.  One is phase florescent, the other can be configured as phase or regular.   Price depends on configuration.

Item 1012

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