Watson Edinburgh brass binocular microscope - circa 1910

A rare and unusual Wenham binocular version of the Watson Edinburgh microscope, following a design first proposed by Dr. Edington, professor of Bacteriology at Edinburgh University. This model was first introduced in 1889, and subsequently went through numerous variations. It is signed on the base, "Watson & Sons, 313 High Holburn, London, 14610, the serial number placing it to circa 1910.  The microscope features an X-Y axis mechanical. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, and fine focus is by means of a minutely adjustable micrometer knob. All rack work is in excellent operating condition. This model has a double nosepiece.  It comes with three original Watson objectives, and one pair of Watson Holos #7 binocular eyepieces. The lenses include a Watson 2, a Watson 1 1/2" Holos, and a Watson 1/6 Parachromatic all with brass canisters. The substage Abbe condenser assembly has two centering knobs, a variable iris diaphragm, and a swing out filter holder. The mirror is a plano-concave showing excellent on both sides. The finish of the microscope is lacquered brass, and blackened brass base and limb. The lacquer coverage is complete with rub wear in the left focus knob, and light wear elsewhere. The instrument measures 15 1/2" tall when closed. It comes in a mahogany case with a typical Watson leather carry handle, lock but no key -- the case in very fine usable condition. This is a very rare variation of the distinctive Edinburgh design.  It is in excellent working condition with a sharp, clear prism and fine, original optics an exceptional and unusual variant of this popular style.

Item 1432

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