Watson “Service” microscope

A classic Watson “Service” model microscope signed, "W. Watson & Sons, Ltd., 313 High Holborn, London, 65463”, the serial number dating it to circa 1938.  The instrument has both binocular and monocular heads.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with indicator knobs.  The heads slip easily into a dovetail joint for quick change.  Eyepiece width on the binocular head is adjustable using a side knob.  The optical system is comprised of three brass Watson lenses: a Para 1 ˝”, a Para 2/3”, a Para 1/6”.  An unsigned 1/12” oil immersion is also included.  All lenses have matching canisters.  There are two pairs of Watson eyepieces, a 10x, and a 5x, as well as a single 15x.  The Watson stage is mechanical with x-y movement.  The substage abbe condenser has an iris diaphragm, swing out filter holder, and is positionable with two thumb adjusting screws.  The plano-concave mirror is excellent on both sides.  The microscope is fully functional, with very fine optics.  It is finished in black paint and lacquered brass.  Coverage is complete and excellent, noting some age crinkle to the paint on parts of the binocular head.  The microscope comes with its original mahogany case with leather carry handle, lock and key.  The case is in excellent condition.  Overall, this is a very fine example of an important instrument.  It is fully functional, complete with accessories, and extremely stately in appearance with its accents of lacquered brass set off against the black finish.

Item 1354

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