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19th Century Watson brass microscope

A large compound monocular microscope measuring over 13" in closed height, and signed "Watson & Sons, 313 High Holborn, London, 2744" on the base. The serial number would date it to circa 1892. The plano-concave mirror is excellent with no age wear on either side. Coarse focus is rack and pinion on the column, and micrometer fine focus on the rear of the pillar. It has a lateral movement circular mechanical stage with a rotating slide holder that allows complete flexibility in positioning the slide. The microscope comes with two sub-stage condensers – one with optical Abbe type condenser, variable diaphragm, and removable filter holder, the other with rotating wheel stops. The condenser holder is rack and pinion height adjustable, and has two knobs for positioning and centering the condenser. All rack work is perfectly functional. The finish is polished brass. There is no lacquer on this microscope. Three original lenses are included -- a correction collar ", a 1", and a 2" – all in matching lacquered brass canisters signed "Watson & Sons" on the top. There is one eyepiece, and a polarizer with accompanying analyzer. The optical system is excellent. Other accessories include a stage forceps, live box, brass tweezers, and camera lucida attachment (see photos). The microscope is housed in a large dove tailed mahogany case with leather handle. Inside, a small slide drawer with ivory knob holds nine 19th century slides of various subjects. The case is excellent with lock and key. This is a substantial micrscope in a rather complete set. It makes an imposingly handsome display.

Item 1053

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