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Smith, Beck & Beck No. 3 Stand – circa 1865

A very complete and excellent set from one of England’s most important manufacturers. Based on its serial number, this stand probably dates to 1865. In that year the firm of Smith, Beck & Beck became R&J Beck when Smith retired. So this may be one of the last stands made under the Smith, Beck & Beck name. This is Beck’s No. 3 stand, measuring 13 " tall in closed position, and signed on the optical tube, "Smith, Beck & Beck, 31 Cornhill, London, 4124". Coarse focus is rack and pinion with fine focus controlled by a micrometer indicator knob on the rear of the stage. All rack work is in excellent operation condition. The microscope has a looseness in the limb that was typical of this model. The removable condenser is a wheel of stops. The mirror is concave in very good condition with typical age spotting. Three original Beck objectives, and three eyepieces accompany the set. Focal lengths are 1 ", 2/3", and 1/5". All are in original brass canisters with Beck name on the top. The optical system is excellent, producing clear, sharp images with an unusually flat field for the era. The set also includes a camera lucida eyepiece, live box, standing bullseye condenser, stage forceps, brass tweezers, brass micrometer slide, and glass slide tray. The entire assembly is stored in its original mahogany case with lock and key, and decorative brass escutcheon plate over the key hole. The case is in very good usable condition, noting two age cracks in the top. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with an oxidized base. The lacquer coverage is 100%, and in excellent condition showing typical age spotting over all and some slide wear to the stage. An exceptionally complete, and full working model of the sleekly styled Beck No. 3 stand, with an excellent and extensive optical system that makes it as much a joy to use as it is to display.

Item 1236             See the Beck No.3 binocular for a comparison.

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