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Tighe brass microscope

Tighe has always produced microscopes with a delicately balanced design. This particular model, dating to the turn of the century, stands 11 1/4" high in closed position, and is signed: "E.H. & F.H. Tighe, Detroit, Mich." in block letters on the stage. It has a rack and pinion coarse focus. Unlike other Tighe models, this one has a nose piece fine focus control knob. All controls work perfectly. The microscope has a single nosepiece with one, divisible lens that can be separated into three focal length. The optical system is in excellent order. The circular stage has a sub-stage condenser consisting of a wheel with four stops. The concave mirror swings on a compass joint that can position the mirror above the stage for reflected illumination. The mirror itself has minor age spotting on its edges. A single eyepiece fits into an adjustable length tube. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a painted black twin pillar base. The finish is nearly 100% with minimal spotting and some wear on the stage and base. The microscope comes without a case. This might be an earlier version of the Tighe model #3 with a nose piece fine focus knob instead of the underarm fine focus knob of the model #3.  The stunning design profile is in keeping with the sculptural quality typical of Tighe instruments.

Item 1229

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