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Model #5 microscope by Tighe - circa 1889

This has to be one of the more intriguingly beautiful microscopes ever made. It stands 11" high in closed position, and is signed: "E.H. & F.H. Tighe, Detroit, Mich." on the base. It has a rack and pinion coarse focus, and a fine focus control knob situated underneath the limb, just above the stage. Controls work perfectly. The microscope has a double nosepiece with two lenses marked: 2/3, and 1/8. The lenses are cloudy. The circular stage has a sub-stage Abbe condenser and adjustable diaphragm. A plano-concave mirror swings on a compass joint that can position the mirror above the stage for reflected illumination. The mirror itself has the beginnings of age spotting but is completely usable. The single eyepiece fits into an adjustable length tube. The microscope is chrome plated overall, but nickel silver on some of the movable parts. The finish is excellent with no pitting. There is some lateral play where the limb meets the stage. This is probably normal to this model, since the parts are attached with a single screw.  For comparison, see the Tighe #4 stand elsewhere in this website.  Its unusual design profile and avant garde sculptural qualities render it a unique display.

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