2 ¾" brass Gregorian telescope by Francis Watkins – c1765

A dramatic 2 ¾" Gregorian reflecting telescope dating to circa 1765.  Although unsigned on the body, the mirror is stamped with a large “W”, and a smaller “SW”. This would tend to attribute it to Francis Watkins who also worked as Watkins & Smith in London. Telescopes of this type were often stamped on the mirror with the makers initials. Total overall length is 18".  It stands on a brass tripod base with folding cabriole legs, and measures 12 ¾” to the top in horizontal position. The telescope attaches to the base with two brass wing nuts. Focus in controlled by a knob attached to a long focusing rod. The controls and optical performance are in very good operating condition. The front of the tube has a brass screw-in lens cap.  This telescope has been professionally refinished in lacquered brass.  It is in exceptional cosmetic condition, noting two small cuts into the brass mirror ring and a few minor dings commiserate with age. The telescope has been engraved in script, “Capt. W. L. Browse, R.N.”  This is a classic example of 18th century Gregorian telescope so prevalent in England at that time.  Its elegant profile and restored patina make very sophisticated and practical display.

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