2 Gregorian Reflector telescope by Watkins

A charming  brass Gregorian reflector telescope from the end of the 18th century.  It is signed above the eyepiece,  J & W Watkins, Charing Cross, London.    Jerimiah and Walter Watkins worked at this address from 1784 until 1798, which helps to date the instrument to circa 1790.  The optical system and focus mechanism are in excellent working order for an instrument of this age.  The telescope has an overall length of 16 with a mirror diameter of 2 .  It stands 12 high, and is finished in lacquered brass.  The condition of the brass is excellent with no dents or dings.  The slip-on lens cap is present.  As is evident in the photos, the original lacquer is nearly complete, with darkened areas where the lacquer has worn through.  This gives the instrument a rustic character and nostalgic charm that is often not present telescopes of this era. 

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