4" brass reflecting telescope by Benjamin Martin

Signed on the rear, "B. Martin, London", this 4" Gregorian reflecting telescope dates to circa 1770. Martin's reputation as an excellent instrument maker extended to the reflecting telescope, microscopes, globes, and a variety of other scientific instruments. He authored several technical books, and is credited with the design of the Martin drum microscope, which bears his name. Total overall length of the telescope is 32" including the eyepiece. It stands on a brass tripod base with folding cabriole legs, and measures 18" to the top in horizontal position. The telescope attaches to the base with two brass wing nuts. Focus in controlled by a knob attached to a long focusing rod. The controls and optical performance are in very good operating condition. The telescope is finished in lacquered brass with nearly complete coverage, and showing wear commiserate with age. This important telescope from one of the premier London manufacturers of scientific instruments in the middle to late18th century makes a large and impressive display.

Item 5015

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