2-draw English telescope by Mary  Bracher – circa 1843

An exceptional brass 2-draw achromatic terrestrial telescope with a mahogany body  The telescope measures 38” when fully extended, and 15 1/2” closed.  The main lens is about 1 1/2” in diameter.  The main body, however, has a wider diameter of 2 ½”.   The front tube is mahogany in very fine condition, noting an age crack running the length, and with a sliding dust shield and ray shield.  The ray shield has been engraved in script, “W. Woodman Stanmer 1845”, which helps with dating the telescope.  The eyepiece draw is signed in script, “Bracher, London, Day or Night.”   This telescope was probably made from 1841-43 by Mary Bracher who had taken over the optical business of George Bracher on King Street in London.  The eyepiece consists of two slip-in tubes with a total of four elements for erecting the image.  The optical system is excellent, delivering a sharp image of good contrast.  This is a large and impressive instrument in overall fine condition for its age.

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