4" brass Gregorian telescope by Nairne & Blunt

Signed on the vertical post of the stand, "Nairne & Blunt, London", this 4" Gregorian telescope dates to circa 1780ís. Total overall length of the telescope is 28 1/2" including the eyepiece. It stands on a brass tripod base with folding cabriole legs, and measures 18 1/2"to the top in horizontal position. The telescope attaches to the base with a large circular tightening bolt located at the top of the post. Focus in controlled by a knob attached to a long focusing rod.

The telescope is not in working order. It appears that the original metal mirror may have been polished, thereby throwing its focus off. The secondary mirror is in good original condition. In addition, the front element of the finder scope has been replaced with plain glass. The telescope is finished in polished brass. The main tube has a roughness to it that suggests it was most likely originally covered in shagreen or leather, which would explain the unusual placement of the signature on the stand rather than on the barrel. This is an important 18th century telescope from a premier London manufacturer of scientific instruments. It would make a worthwhile restoration project for anyone so inclined. However, it also makes a very impressive historical display as is.

Item 5014

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