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Refracting brass telescope by Bleuler – circa 1800

A complete celestial-terrestrial brass refracting telescope system signed on the back of the main tube, "Bleuler, London", it measures 44 " long with a 2 " diameter lens with lens cap. The front tube is 30" long, and the telescope is 18 " tall on its stand. The set comes complete with three terrestrial eyepieces, two astronomical eyepieces, two eyepiece extension tubes with a middle objective tube insert. The set also includes a dark green filter in brass holder, and a dark red filter in brass holder. Both can screw into the eyepieces. The telescope sits on its own tripod stand with folding legs. The finish on the telescope and accessories is lacquered brass. The original lacquer is nearly complete with some wear where the telescope rubbed against its padded holders in the case (see photo). The original case itself is polished mahogany (31" long) with lock and key. A paper label attached to the inside of the lid says: "Bleuler, Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instrument Maker, 27 Ludgate Street, London." John Bleuler worked at this address from 1791-1821, which would date the telescope to circa 1800. A separate label of instructions for separating the lens elements is also affixed to the inside front lid. The microscope and its case are in excellent, usable condition.

Item 5009

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