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Swift Petrological microscope

An exceptional Swift petrological microscope circa 1940's.  Signed on the body tube, "J. Swift & son, London, 20185", and standing 12 1/4" tall in closed position, it has rack and pinion coarse focus and micrometer knobs fine focus -- all controls working perfectly.  The microscope is equipped with a Nicol prism, plarizer, and cross bar attachment.  The instrument has a rotating circular stage with micrometer indicator markings.  The substage condenser is an Abbe type with swing out rotating polarizer below.  The plano/concave mirror is in excellent condition on both sides.  Four original lenses with canisters, along with three eyepieces comprise the optical system, which is in very fine condition.  Lenses include a 1", 1/4", 1/6". and 1/8" oil.  All have clip on attachements.  Three original eyepieces are an IV (10x), V (12x), and II (6x).  The microscope is finished in black with little wear to the finish.  It comes with its original mahogany case with lock and key and slots for all accessories.  This is a classic petrological microscope in fine working order, rarely found in this completeness and condition..

Item 1276

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