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Swift Petrological microscope

A classic example of a turn of the century petrological microscope, standing 14 " in closed position, and signed "J. Swift & Son, London" on the base. It is labeled as the "Advanced Student" model, and has the number 3 on the side of the base as well as on the lens canisters. Coarse focus is rack and pinion in a dovetail slide and incorporates an indicator rule on the side enabling the lens to be relocated to an exact position instantly. Fine focus is controlled with a micrometer knob with indicator markings on top of the limb. The rotating circular stage is marked in 1 degree increments for 360 degrees. A substage, swing out adapter holds the polarizing condenser with its rotating indicator ring. The analyzer is built into a push-pull drawer in the optical tube. Two eyepieces, labeled "A" and "B" accompany the set. The "A" eyepiece has a 3/4" accessory slot. A second accessory slot " wide is the optical tube near the nose piece. Two Swift objective lenses accompany the set: a 1", and a ". Each lens has a matching brass canister. The optics are in excellent, usable condition. The plano-concave mirror is also in excellent condition. The nicol prism analyser is a little hazy. The instrument is finished in lacquered brass with a black base. The original lacquer is complete with typical age spotting over the barrel. The microscope is housed in its original mahogany case with brass carry handle. The case has a diagonal age crack running the length of the cover (see photo). The microscope makes an fascinating historical petrological display.

Item 1223

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