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Swift brass microscope

A very fine Swift microscope featuring the highly innovative Traviss mechanical stage. The microscope measures 10 " tall in closed position, and is signed, "J. Swift & Son, London", on the base. It has rack and pinion coarse focus, and a tension adjustable fine focus micrometer knob. The Will Traviss designed mechanical stage was introduced in 1894. The lateral movement knob turns two wheel rollers that move the slide along its path. A micrometer imprint scale on the stage allows exact positioning of slides. Beneath the stage is an Abbe style condenser with variable iris diaphragm. The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition on both sides. Three Swift signed lenses accompany the set: a 2/3", a ", and a 1/6" P-A for petrological use. There are two eyepieces, numbered 2 and 3. One brass canister contains an analyser that fits on the nosepiece between the lens and microscope. The microscope comes in its own original mahogany case with brass carry handle. Inside the lid is an original paper label entitled, "Instructions for use of the microscope". The case in very fine usable condition, noting an age crack on the bottom. The microscope is finished in lacquered and japanned brass. The coverage is complete with little signs of wear, noting some brassing of the black finish. In sum, this microscope is an excellent, usable example of its type, and made the more unique by the patented Swift mechanical stage.

Item 1281

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