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Brass binocular microscope by Stanley – circa 1880

A very elegant and unique Wenham brass binocular microscope by Stanley. Several distinguishing stylistic innovations set this instrument apart from typical binoculars of the era. An unusual feature is the black annodized base, which rests on three balled brass feet. The insturment stands 15 1/2" tall in closed position, and is signed in script on the base, "Stanley, Railway Approach, London Bridge". The mechanical stage is decorated in machined brass, as is the bar that supports the optical tubes. Coarse focus is rack and pinion. Fine focus is a micrometer nosepiece knob. The mechanical stage has full lateral movement and a rotating slide holder. All rack work is in excellent operation condition. The mirror is a single concave having very few age markings. The twin eyepieces are contained in adjustable length tubes that regulate eye separation distance. Three original objectives, all in brass canisters marked, "Stanleys Achromatic", on the lid constitute the optical system. Focal lengths are 1 ", ", and 1/5". As with all Wenham binoculars, only lenses of " focal length and shorter give a true binocular effect. The Wenham prism slides out of the light path to accommodate longer focal length lenses. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass. The lacquer coverage is 100% with very little wear in the form of some typical age spotting overall. The original case is hand dove-tailed mahogany with brass carry hande, lock and key. The case is in very good, usable condition, noting a missing escutcheon plate from around the key hole. Additional accessories include a live box slide, and brass tweezers. Overall, this instrument is a stunning example of the Wenham style binocular, with an excellent optical system providing a sharp, clear, and unusually flat image. Its innovative profile and excellent condition make for a very distinctive display.

Item 1237

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