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Acme #4 microscope by Queen

An excellent example of the Acme #4 microscope stand signed, "J. W. Queen & Co., Philada.", in script on the stage. The double nosepiece is also signed. The microscope measures 12" tall when closed. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with a micrometer knob under the arm and above the stage. This model, "For Physicians’ Use", was first introduced in 1886. The substage condenser is a wheel of stops that swings out of the way. The mirror is plano-concave, excellent on the plane side, and excellent except for an age separation along one side of the concave side. The mirror swings on a compass joint so it can be used both above and below the stage. Optics consist of two lenses, a 1", and a ", both with brass canisters. Two numbers have been scratched onto the surface of the canister lids. There are two eyepieces, unmarked. A camera lucida eyepiece cap completes the set. The 1" lens is excellent with good contrast and a sharp image. The " lens has a sharp image, but low contrast, the result of some separation in one of its elements. The microscope is finished in a copper color lacquered brass with a painted black base. The overall finish is nearly complete and excellent, noting a rubbed area and streaks on the barrel, and some spotting overall. The microscope comes in its original walnut case with interior accessory drawer, brass carry handle, lock but no key. The case is in very fine usable condition. The sophisticated design profile of this instrument is as an excellent presentation by an important American maker.

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