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Spencer microscope with mechanical stage

A beautiful example of the classic Spencer microscope from the 1930’s. It is marked on the tube: "Spencer, Buffalo, USA", and has the serial # 158255. It stands 12 " high in closed position. The three lens turret is equipped three Spencer lenses: 10x 16mm .25NA, 44x 4mm .66NA, and 95x 1.8mm 1.25 oil immersion. There are two eyepieces: a 10x, and a 6x. It has a sub-stage Abbe condenser. All the optics are in excellent condition. The plano/concave mirror is in excellent shape. The controls on the mechanical stage work smoothly. The condition of this microscope is excellent to near mint. It not only looks good, but is perfectly usable. It comes with an original case that is also in excellent condition. Inside the case is a Spencer booklet on the microscope, a blue filter, and an original bottle of Spencer immersion oil.

Item 1046

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