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Spencer brass microscope with stage

Meticulously preserved example of a continental pattern microscope by Spencer. Signed "Spencer Lens Co., Buffalo NY, No. 3887" on the base, it measures 11 " high when closed. The serial number would date it to 1905. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with a micrometer knob on the rear. The stage is equipped with a mechanical slide assembly that is signed "Spencer Lens Co." on the side. All rack work functions perfectly. The instrument comes with matching, signed Spencer lenses and their appropriate brass canisters. The lenses are marked, 16mm, 4mm, and 2mm oil immersion. All are for 160mm tube length. All are in excellent condition, optically and cosmetically. The length of the focus tube is fully adjustable, and marked with a scale. A sub-stage abbe condenser with swing out filter holder fits below the stage. It has two variable diaphragms, one below the condenser lens, and one above it and just below the stage. The condenser unit is excellent. The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition. 8x and 4x eyepieces accompany the set, along with a blue filter and dark-field filter. A bottle of Spencer oil (oil dried up) fits next to the lens canisters in a mahogany pull-out drawer inside the case. The mahogany case itself is in excellent condition with a brass handle, and lock with key. The finish is lacquered brass with a black base. The finish is 100% with almost no sign of wear. A patent date of Dec. 11, 1900 engraved on the bottom rear of the limb, just above the stage, makes this an interesting display piece for the approaching millenium. Coupled with its rare -- almost pristine condition -- this microscope is a true find for a Spencer collector.

Item 1061

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