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Society-of-Arts pattern brass microscope

This successful pattern -- popularized in 1855 when the Society of Arts awarded its prize to Robert Field -- was widely copied by others. Here, in an unmarked model, it stands 13 3/8" high in closed position. It has a rack and pinion coarse focus, and a fine focus control knob on the barrel, behind the nosepiece. Unlike the winning model, this one features a mechanical stage with full lateral movement. All mechanical controls work perfectly. The microscope comes with a single eyepiece, and one unmarked lens and brass canister. The lens is has two stackable elements that yield approximately 6x and 10x magnifications. The microscope accepts the standard Society thread lens. A plano-concave mirror is fine except for an age spot about the size of a dime in the middle of the concave mirror. The microscope finish is lacquered brass with black oxidized finish on the square limb, mirror arm, fine focus arm. The lacquer coverage is complete, but shows wear lines and spots overall. A dark mahogany case with brass handle accepts the disassembled microscope.

Item 1038

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