Broadhurst Clarkson brass telescope - 19th century

An exceptional 19th century brass terrestrial refracting telescope, signed on the eyepiece ring, “Broadhurst Clarkson & Co., 63 Farringdon Rd. London EC.”   The telescope measures 35 3/8” long when closed but can extend fully to 44” and can focus as closes as 13’.  All measurements include the 4” built-in sun shield.  The lens is a 2 ½” achromatic.  The telescope is finished in relacquered brass, and has been professionally restored to meticulous condition.  The original glass has been cleaned and produces images of excellent quality at about 48x magnification.  (Magnification approximates a modern 90mm reflector with a 26mm eyepiece.)  The telescope stands 2” high on its own  removable brass stand with three collapsing legs and sliding arm support.  All controls are in excellent operating condition.  This instrument is not only a very attractive decorator piece, but is a practical, usable telescope from a very reputable manufacturer. 

Item 5042

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