Watson Society of Arts microscope - c1867

A rare example of an early Society of Arts type microscope by Watson.  This successful pattern -- popularized in 1855 when the Society of Arts awarded its prize to Robert Field was picked up and copied by many of the instrument builders of the time.  It is interesting that Watson followed this trend with this early example.  It stands 15 1/2" tall in closed position, with rack and pinion coarse focus, and nosepiece micrometer knob fine focus and is signed on the base, "Watson & Sons, 313 High Holborn, London, 1118", on the base. The very early serial number along with the style of the address would date this instrument to circa 1867.  The optical system consists of two eyepieces and three original Watson objectives,  a 2", 1", and 1/4".   All have brass canisters.  Two canisters are signed, "Watson & Sons, 313 High Holborn, London".  The mirror is plano-concave, and in excellent conditionon both sides.  The sub stage diaphragm consists of a wheel of four stops, and the machined, rotating stage top has two brass stage clips. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass, with the original lacquer nearly complete, and only very minor spotting and typical brush streaking. The base is japanned black. All rack work is in fine operating condition. The instrument is housed in its own mahogany case with brass carry handle. Inside is a slide and accessory drawer. Accessories include a standing bulls eye condenser, live box, and brass tweezers. This instrument makes a fine example of the popular Society of Arts style, all the more important because it carries the Watson name.

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