Ross Wenham style binocular microscope – c 1880

 A stately example of the classis Ross Wenham prism binocular microscope.  Ross made three principal models.  This is his  first, the Ross base with its bar-limb construction.  It dominated microscope design for almost half of the 19th century.  The microscope is large and heavy,  standing 17 1/2” tall when closed.  It is signed on the base, “Ross, London, 5099”. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus is with an indicator micrometer knob located behind the nose piece.  The microscope has a mechanical stage with full lateral movement and rotating stage plate.  The 2 ½” diameter substage mirror is plano-concave in excellent condition on both sides.  The substage condenser assembly has rotating and centering adjustment knobs.   Five objectives include two exceptional early Ross lenses with correction collars -- a 1/10" and a 1/5".  The correction collar lens was invented by Ross in 1837.  Two others, a 2/3" and 1/8", are Ross signed objectives of later design.  The fifth lens is unsigned and without cannister.  The binocular eyepiece set is marked “A”.  Two other monocular eyepieces are included and marked with a “B” and the other unmarked.  The Wenham prism is in excellent condition.  The binocular eyepiece width can be adjusted with rack and pinion control.  All rack work on the microscope is in fine operating condition.  The optical system is very fine, producing clear and sharp images commiserate with a Wenham binocular model.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass.  Lacquer coverage is complete with only minor wear in keeping with age.  The microscope is housed in a fitted mahogany case with brass carry handle.  The instrument is a large, elegant, and superbly crafted example from one of the most prestigious makers of the grand binocular era.

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