Reichert brass continental microscope circa 1889

A brass Continental model microscope signed,  C. Reichert, Wien, VIII Bennogasse 26, No 125541.  The VIII stand was a high end instrument of the late 1880's.  The serial number is an anomaly because company records would place it well into the 20th century, and this instrument is clearly an early continental design.  The microscope has a triple nose piece.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, and fine focus is by a micrometer knob on top of the limb.  The instrument stands about 11 1/4 tall in closed position.  The three original lenses, a 3, 7a, and 1/12 oil immersion, are signed by Reichert and come with matching brass canisters.  The three eyepieces include a 1 (probably 5x), 3 (probably 8x), and 4(10x).  The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition on both sides.  The rotating circular stage has mechanical slide adjustment with two thumb screws, one on each side. The condenser is an Abbe type with a variable diaphragm and swing out filter holder.  An auxiliary condenser with two stops accompanies the set.  The instrument is finished in lacquered brass with a painted black base.  It retains most of its original lacquer with only minimal wear.  The microscope is housed in its original hand dove tailed mahogany case with brass carry handle, an interior lens holder, accessory box, lock but nod key.  The case is in fine usable condition.  This is a larger Reichert Continental model with excellent optics and a in fine working condition.

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