Pillischer Society of Arts brass microscope - c1859

An early Society of Arts style microscope by Moritz Pillischer. It is signed on the base, "Pillischer, London, No.546". The optical system consists of one 1" objective and brass canister enscribed, "M. Pillischer, London", and two eyepieces. The objective thread is the Society standard, which would date the microscope to after 1859, and allow it to accept any lens made since then. The mirror is plano-concave, and in excellent condition. The sub stage diaphragm consists of a nicol prism polarizer.  There is an accompanying analyser. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass, with the original lacquer nearly complete, and only very minor spotting. All rack work is in fine operating condition. The instrument is housed in its own mahogany case with brass carry handle. Accessories include a stage forceps, standing bullseye lens, and brass tweezers. This instrument makes a fine display of the popular Society of Arts style by a reputable manufacturer.

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