Leitz WWII military microscope

An exceptionally well preserved microscope by Ernst Leitz with a serial number of 368601, dating it to circa 1943-44.  It comes in its original military case and is in exceptional, possibly unused condition.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with micrometer knobs located on both sides of the limb.  The original Leitz lenses include a 3 (10x), a 6L (45x), and a 1/12 oil (100x).  The eyepieces are a Leitz 10x and a Leitz 6x.  The substage condenser is an Abbe type with variable iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder.  One frosted glass filter is included.  The optics are a superb parfocal system, showing no signs of use, and producing very sharp images of exceptionally good contrast.  The mirror is plano-concave and excellent on both sides.  The rotating stage is mechanically adjustable with two knobs on either side.  The microscope is finished in a flat satin black with plated trim.  The condition of the finish is excellent, showing no signs of use or wear.  The microscope fits in its original metal case with metal handle and latches.  It is painted a German military gray, and is in excellent condition with interior accessory box for lenses and filters.  Overall, this is a perfect microscope in unused excellent condition.  Its historical significance coupled with its superb condition make it not only an interesting collectible, but also a usable microscope on a par with the quality of the best modern instruments.

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