Leitz Stand Ia with curved base - circa 1899

The graceful lines of this modified English base was introduced by Leitz towards the end of the 19th century.  Continental models could be order with the curved base or the standard horseshoe.  This instrument is the larger version of this model and is signed on the base, E. Leitz Wetzler, 48707.   The serial number would tend to date it circa 1899.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with a micrometer knob.  The three original Leitz lenses are a 3, a 7, and a 1/12 oil immersion.  The rotating circular slide stage has minute mechanical adjustment by two thumbscrews on either side.  Beneath the stage is an Abbe condenser with variable diaphragm and swing out filter holder.  The condenser is the more sophisticated type with moveable iris for oblique illumination and an additional upper variable iris diaphragm for addition control of the light.  The eyepiece is a number 3.  The plano concave mirror is in very good condition, noting some small age spots on the plane side and some edge separation on the concave side.   The original mahogany case has a matching serial number, and one (of originally two) slide out lens blocks, and an accessory drawer with two original filters a blue, and a frosted.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a painted black base.  The lacquer coverage is complete and in excellent condition with only minor wear.  The base shows minor use wear from handling.  This is a fine example of the less common Leitz continental microscope with curved base.  It is in excellent usable condition, perfect for someone seeking a delicate, working rare version of the popular continental style.

Item 1408

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