Crouch brass Wenham binocular microscope – circa 1870-75

An exceptional Wenham style brass binocular microscope with extensive accessories.  The microscope is signed on the base, “Henry Crouch, London, 977.”    The early serial number, coupled to the lack of spiral focus rack (introduced by Swift in 1878) help to date the instrument to circa 1870-75.   The microscope measures 14 Ό” tall when closed, but opens to a working height of about 16”.   It has a rotating mechanical slide stage, rack and pinion coarse focus, and typical Crouch nose piece micrometer knob fine focus.  Eyepiece width is hand adjustable, as was typical on the earlier models.  The instrument is in excellent operational condition.  The optical system consists of two original pair of binocular eyepieces, four original Crouch objectives (2”, 1”, 2/3”, and Ό”), and one later Crouch 1/12” oil lens.  The combination of focal lengths are a perfect compliment to a Wenham binocular, which produces binocular vision with lenses of ½” and less power.  The set includes an exceptionally rare, original triple nosepiece made entirely of brass, and with open ends that attest to its very early origins.  The four original lenses are excellent, producing exceptionally crisp images of good color and contrast.  The later Crouch oil lens may be missing an element.  The Wenham prism is in excellent condition.  Substage condensers include a wheel of stops, a dark field optical, and a variable spot parabolic.  The plano-concave mirror is excellent on both sides with only very minor spotting.  Accessories include a standing bullseye condenser, stage forceps, brass tweezers, two different camera lucida eyepieces, a parabolic reflector, compressorium plate, and brass slide, in addition to the triple nosepiece.   The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a black japanned base.  The original lacquer is complete with some typical age wear overall.  The entire set is included in its original hand dove tailed mahogany case with brass carry handle, lock and key.  The case is in excellent condition, noting a small section missing from the back right lid, and some age cracking to the wood.  Several things make this Crouch a perfect instrument for anyone wanting a working model.  First, it is in excellent mechanical condition with exceptional optics that include an ideal assortment of lenses to compliment the Wenham binocular system.  Second, it has a rare triple nosepiece allowing a quick change of the lenses.  Finally, it comes in a manageable, practical size that is comfortable to use.  In short, a winning combination overall.

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