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Bulloch Professional brass microscope – circa 1883

First introduced in 1879, this is one of Bulloch’s grand monocular microscopes. Similar to the Congress model, and a larger version of the Biological (see comparison photo), it is one of the more impressive American microscopes of the 19th century. It collapses to a 13" height for storage, and opens to a working height of approximately 16". The base is signed, "Patd. 1879, W.H. Bulloch, Chicago, Ill.". A serial number of 282 is engraved on the bottom. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with a micrometer knob. The rotating mechanical stage has full lateral movement. All rack work is in excellent operating condition. There is an optical sub stage condenser, and plano-concave mirror in excellent condition on both sides. The sub stage assembly is made to swing sideways for oblique illumination. The mirror can also be positioned above the stage to illuminate opaque subjects. The microscope comes with a " objective and a single eyepiece. The image produced is very sharp and clear. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with most of the lacquer present on the instrument but missing from the base. The stage is finished in machined brass. This is a very large and impressive instrument, and demonstrates the precision quality that marked Bulloch as one of the best manufacturers of the 19th century American microscopes.

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