Queen continental style microscope - circa 1907

Queen represented R & J Beck microscopes for some time.  This one appears to be made by Beck for distribution by Queen of Philadelphia.  It is a continental style instrument signed on its base "Queen & Co., Philada., 2838", and probably dates to circa 1907.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with an indicator knob on the rear of the stage behind the limb.  All controls function properly. The sub-stage condenser has an adjustable iris diaphragm.  The plano/concave mirror is in fine working condition.  There are three signed objectives with the microscope, a 1/1/2" oil lens signed "Queen Bacteriological", a 1/6" (4mm) signed by Beck, and a 10mm signed by Beck.  Only the 1/6" has a signed brass canister.   There are two original eyepieces, a longer one marked 2, and an unmarked shorter lens.  The optics are in fine working condition.  Finish on the microscope is lacquered brass. The finish is 100% with minimal age spotting and two rub marks -- one onthe pillar (see photos) and the other on a knob. The microscope is housed in a mahogany case with brass carry handle and lock with key. Elegantly designed, smoothly functional, and finely preserved -- this microscope is a fine example of the popular continental style signed by a reknowned American company. 

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