Ross Eclipse brass microscope – circa 1890

One of the more unusual microscopes, with its distinctive circular cutout base, the Ross Eclipse has an appearance that is more modern than its true age.  The instrument is signed on the stand, “Eclipse, Ross, London, 5916”.  This serial number is close to a similar microscope featured in the Billings Collection as item #402.  The microscope stands 10 1/8” when closed.  It has rack and pinion coarse focus and micrometer knob fine focus, both in excellent working order.  The mirror is plano-concave, excellent on both sides.  The substage condenser is a variable iris diaphragm.  The optical system consists of a single unmarked lens with divisible elements, yielding three separate focal lengths.   Two eyepieces complete the system, which produces sharp images of good contrast.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass and japanned parts.  The lacquer coverage is complete and in excellent condition, noting some age wear overall.  The microscope is housed in its own mahogany case with original leather handle, lock but no key.  The distinctive circular base separates this instrument from the typical continental design of the last quarter of the 19th century. 

Item 1325

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