Reichert Jug Handle Continental style microscope – circa 1908

The instrument is signed on the base, “C. Reichert, Wein, No.36438”, the serial number dating it to circa 1908.  It is also signed, “C. Reichert, Wein”, in block letters on the optical tube.  The instrument is typical Continental style with an added “jug-handle” affixed to the rear of the stage.  Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus micrometer knob.  The substage Abbe condenser has a variable iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder.  The mirror is plano-concave with some light age clouding on both sides.  The microscope is equipped with a rare original signed Reichert mechanical slide stage.  Three original objectives include a No.3, No. 8a, and an 18a (1/12”) oil immersion.  All have original signed brass canisters.  The two eyepieces are numbered as 4, and 7.    The finish is lacquered brass with a painted black base.  The lacquer coverage is complete with minimal spotting.  The black coverage is complete, noting two expertly repaired spots on the base.  The original mahogany case has a brass carry handle, interior accessory box, lock but no key.  It is in fine, usable condition.  While its handle design is something of an addendum, the overall appearance of the instrument is impressive in a “no nonsense," authoritarian fashion resulting in a dominant display.  

Item 1403

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