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A Society of Arts pattern relacquered brass microscope by Pillischer. It is engraved in script on the base: "Pillischer, London, No. 1338". This number would date the microscope to circa 1865. It measures 12" in closed position, and disassembles to fit in the compact mahogany case. It comes with two eyepieces, and two lenses -- a 1inch lens, and a inch lens. The brass lens cases are engraved, "M. Pillischer, London", in script on the caps. The optics are excellent for an instrument of this age. Coarse focus is by means of rack and pinion on a one-inch square pillar. The dimension of the pillar adds considerable stability to the barrel of the microscope. The fine focus it controlled by a knob on the top of the pillar. All controls work smoothly and properly. The plano-concave mirror is excellent. The microscope has been professionally polished and relacquered, giving it a safe, durable finish.  A sub-stage condenser controls light with a revolving wheel of stops. The compact Society-style case is beautifully detailed in mahogany with dovetail joinery.  The design for this instrument dates to a prize that was offered by the London Society of Arts for a compact, compound microscope that would sell for 3 guineas. G. Field of Birmingham won the prize in 1854. Due to the popularity of the design, it was widely copied by many other makers, many of whom added their own innovations. This model by Pillischer reflects a concern for quality and stability with the addition of the square pillar.

Item 1008

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