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Compound brass microscope by Pillischer – circa 1859

An early compound microscope by Moritz Pillischer. It is signed on the base, "M.Pillischer, London, No.535". The serial number is an early one, and tends to date the instrument to circa 1859. The microscope is referenced in the book, "The Microscope", by Jabez Hogg, 6th edition, 1867, where it is listed as a "larger Student’s Microscope. Hogg sums up the microscope: "In every respect, it is a compact, handy instrument, and well finished in its mechanical details." He further states, "This instrument takes its place among the best of its class." His estimation is correct. The microscope is exceptionally well designed and constructed. It is in a more compact size that typical English bar-limb models of the same epoch. When closed is stands a little over 11" tall. It features rack and pinion coarse focus and micrometer knob fine focus. The stage features a convenient sliding slide rest, which also holds the stage forceps accessory. The sub-stage condenser holder swings out to accept a circular stop. In addition, the microscope comes with a polarizer condenser and accompanying analyser. There are three original Pillisher lenses with matching canisters. Focal lengths include a 2", 1", and ". Two eyepieces complete the optical system, which is fine in every respect, producing clear, sharp images of good contrast. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with complete coverage showing only minor age blemishes. Accessories include a stage forceps, live box, brass tweezers, and standing bullseye condenser. The plano-concave mirror is excellent on both sides. The instrument comes in its own original hand dove-tailed mahogany case with brass carry handle, lock and key. Inside is a slide and accessory drawer with ivory knob. The case is in excellent usable condition, and measures a compact 9 " tall by 6 " wide and 7 " deep. The microscope is an excellent example of the bar-limb type. It presents a complete set in excellent condition, and in a uniquely compact size.

Item 1271

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