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Pillischer brass microscope – circa 1880

A beautifully preserved example of the smaller Pillischer microscope, signed "M. Pillischer, London, Manufacturer" on an oval plate on the base. The serial number of 3456 would date it to circa 1880. The instrument measures a demure 9 " when closed, but opens to a normal working size of about 12" in height. The microscope has a draw tube that is also focused with rack and pinion on a bar limb design. Fine focus is via a micrometer knob on top of the limb. The eyepiece tube is adjustable for height. The two original objectives are marked as 5/8 and 1/7. The two eyepieces are marked with a number "2" and a number "3." The optical system is excellent. The concave mirror is also in excellent condition. A wheel of five stops serves as the condenser beneath the stage. The finish is lacquered brass, and the original lacquer is in almost perfect condition with only a few spots. The case appears to be chestnut, trimmed inside with green felt and green leather. Inside is a small wooden accessory box. The case is in excellent usable condition. The impeccable condition of the finish, coupled with the smooth working controls and superb optical system, make this instrument a joy to observe and to use. It would be difficult to find a better example of a 19th century microscope by such a well respected manufacturer.

Item 1159

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