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Pillischer binocular microscope

An elegant example of the Wenham-type 19th century binocular microscope by Pillscher. It measures about 15 " high in closed position and is engraved "M. Pillischer, London No. 322" on the base. It is also marked: " H & W Crouch", engraved in script, on the binocular lens barrel. It comes with one set of unmarked binocular oculars, and three separate single oculars: one marked "C", another "D", while the third is an analyser. The condenser is a polarizer. There are three lenses all marked "M.Pillischer, London" on their brass canisters: a 1 inch, a inch, and a inch. All lenses are clear and excellent. Other accessories include a live box (missing a plain glass in the top), a compressor (missing the compressor disk), and a slide preparation disk. The finish is polished brass throughout. The mechanical stage works smoothly in all directions. One concentric knob controls lateral movement, while the other two control forward motion. The top of the stage slides back and forward and moves circularly for complete control of slide positioning. The focus controls on the microscope also move smoothly. Some of the gear track on the top part of the focus track is pinched, but in no way affects the motion of the instrument, as it rests outside of the focusing area. The plano-concave mirror is in excellent working condition, but has some age spots on both sides. The binocular eyepiece control track and knob works perfectly. The dovetailed mahogany case is beautifully made and in excellent condition. Inside is a slide and parts drawer with ivory pull. The drawer has spaces for 25 slides and contains eight antique slides (see photo) of various botanical subjects, including insect parts, feathers, and diatoms.

Item 1004

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