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Fine brass microscope by Oberhauser – circa 1840

A very fine and complete cased drum type compound microscope by Georges Oberhauser. It is signed in script on one side of the arm "Georges Oberhauser", and on the other side "Place Dauphine 19, Paris". A similar microscope is listed in Billings as #79, where it is mentioned that Oberhauser referred to this instrument as the "Microscope a Tambour a Dissection" (microscope for dissecting), and that its style was copied by Nachet, Lerebours, Soleil, and Chevalier. The microscope is 11 1/8" tall when closed. It has a draw tube coarse focus adjustment, and a micrometer fine focus knob located to the rear beneath the stage. There is a lever controlled sub-stage condenser that comes with three changeable stops. The plano-concave is in excellent condition. The optical system comes with three objectives and three eyepieces, numbered 2, 3, and 4. The lenses and condenser stops are stored in their own wood box, covered in green leather. The box with locking clasp is in excellent condition, and bears a serial number of 2737. A separate standing condenser with flag of wheel stops (see photo) is included. The microscope and its accessories are in excellent condition. The microscope is covered in its original lacquer, which approaches completeness, noting a few rubbed areas and spots typical for the age. The instrument and its accessories are housed in their own hand dove tailed mahogany case with fabric cover liner. The condition of the case is excellent. In sum, this set represents a remarkably complete and truly excellent representation of a unique instrument in the history of the continental microscope.

Item 1184

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