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Nachet type brass pillar microscope

This intriguing ball and socket pillar design began to appear towards the end of the 1860’s. Often imported by Queen of Philadelphia, they were mostly made for the trade by the famous French manufacturers, Nachet, and Hartnack. Compact yet functional, this model comes with three stackable, dividing objectives resulting in a variety of focal lengths. The single eyepiece screws onto the barrel, which also contains a field lens inside. The microscope measures only 8" tall and can be swiveled into position on its ball and socket foot on the 2 " diameter base. It has a 1" diameter nosepiece condenser on a gimbal. The concave mirror is excellent. Focus is rack and pinion on the barrel. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass. The lacquer coverage is 100% with no signs of wear. In fact, this microscope is close to mint condition. It comes in its own wooden case that also houses two 19th century slides, a small glass slide with indent for observing liquids, and a brass tweezers. A similar instrument along with its description is featured in Billings as figure #117 on page 63. It would be hard to find a better example of this uniquely simple and well made instrument.

Item 1050

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