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19th Century brass microscope by Nachet

This uniquely styled Nachet microscope measures 11 1/4" tall in closed position. It is signed, "Nachet, Optician, Rue Serpente 16, Paris" in script on the bar-limb. This address is where Nachet had his shop between 1839 and 1862. Coarse focus is by push tube; fine focus by a knob on the support. All mechanical movement is excellent. The finish is polished brass with a black painted metal base. Some parts, such as the brass on the mirror, have been oxidized to reduce stray reflection. The concave mirror is good, but shows some wear around its edges. The mirror moves on an interesting joint assembly (see photo detail). The microscope comes with one objective marked number 1, and one eyepiece marked number 2. The optical system is equivalent to 100x magnification. The optics are excellent. A condenser lens is attached to the front of the microscope barrel. This distinctive design by a renowned French maker continued through several variations into the 1870’s.

Item 1025

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