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A Ross pattern microscope by Moginie

William Moginie (FRMS 1866) worked for C. Baker where he designed the famous Baker travelling naturalist microscope. On his own, he produced the stately model featured here. With an unusually tall and graceful optical tube, this instrument of circa 1870 is signed: "Moginie, 26 Lichfield Grove, Finchley" on the machined brass base. th microscope stands 16" tall in closed position, and features rack and pinion coarse focus and nose piece fine focus control. All rackwork is in fine operating condition. The instrument comes with two lenses and one eyepiece. Each objective has a matching brass canister signed "Moginie, Fithcley, N." in script on the cap. One lens is divisible and marked as 2" & 1". The other is marked as ". The microscope has a sub stage optical condenser with dark center spot. The optical system is in excellent condition as is the concave mirror. The brass microscope has its original lacquer in excellent, 100% condition with only very minor spotting appropriate to the age. The top of the slide stage, and top of the base have a machined finish. The microscope fits into its own tall, hand dove-tailed mahogany case with replaced leather carry handle, and lock with key. Inside is a small accessory drawer with ivory knob has capacity for 26 slides. Five vintage slides of various subjects are included. The microscope with its elegant profile is a very fine instrument by an important 19th century British designer.

Item 1114

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