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A beautiful, re-lacquered brass microscope signed "E. Leitz Wetzler" on the base. The serial number of 17447 (engraved on the base) would date it as a Stand IV model of about 1888. It has two eyepieces (a number 3 and a 6x), and a three lens turret with lenses numbered as "9.", "6.", and "1/12 oil immersion". The #6 and 1/12 lenses are marked as Leitz, the #9 is unsigned. Coarse focus is done by moving the tube within its sleeve, fine focus by a knob on the stand. The microscope measures 11" high in closed position. A condenser with three changeable stops slides onto the bottom of the stage. The name of the distributor is engraved lightly in script type on the base.

Item 1006

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