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Leitz brass microscope circa 1894

Majestic example of the Continental stye microscope popular toward the end of the 19th century, this model is signed "E. Leitz Wetzler, 411 W. 59 St., New York, No. 30417" on the base and measures 11 " high in closed position. The serial number would place it as a Leitz #1 stand of circa 1894. Coarse focus is rack and pinion on the column, fine focus is marked as 1/200 mm on a micrometer adjustment knob on top of the limb. These controls are smooth and firm. The microscope has a rotating circular stage with sensitive fine positioning controls on both sides. The sub-stage condenser is Abbe type with a swing-out variable iris diaphragm that is positionable for oblique and darkfield light adjustment. A standard complement of three Leitz lens are on the nosepiece and come with marked matching brass canisters. The lenses are #3, #7, and 1/12 oil immersion. The single eyepiece is marked as #1. The entire optical system is excellent. The plano-concave mirror is also in perfect condition with no age marks. The finish on the microscope is lacquered brass. Except for one straight wear mark 1 " long on the left side of the barrel when looking at the microscope from the rear, the finish is perfect with no wear. The mahogany case is simple and basic, and in excellent condition. This is an exceptionally fine example of a high end Continental style microscope. It is perfectly usable, as well as highly decorative.

Item 1051

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