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Leitz - 1921

An early 20th century Leitz brass and black microscope, with serial # 201771, which dates it to about 1921. It stands 11 3/4" high in closed position. The three-lens turret is equipped with three, original, brass Leitz lenses: 3 (10x), 7 (62x) , and 1/12 oil immersion n.a. 1.30. There is an additional #1 (4x) Leitz lens inside the case. All have Leitz original brass canisters. The eyepiece is number 4 (10x). There is an Abbe sub-stage condenser with filter holder. All optics are in superb condition. The plano/concave mirror is in excellent shape. Coarse focus is by rack and pinion, fine focus by knobs on both sides of the microscope. The brass finish is 100% with very minor nicks. The paint is perfect. The entire microscope is in near mint condition and all controls work as new. It comes in a maple case with metal handle and key. A number of original Leitz accessories accompany this set: There is a brass mechanical stage in its own velvet lined box. There is also a polarizer set, which includes a condenser, and unusual analyser eyepiece (see photo for setup) with a micrometer scale. Everything is marked by Leitz and in excellent condition, although the finish on the lid of the polarizer case is a worn (see photo). A separate condenser with three changeable stops is part of the original set. The condition of this entire set is such that it is not only a cosmetically perfect display, but also a completely usable instrument.

Item 1015

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