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A classic example of the continental style by Leitz, this brass microscope is in excellent condition, showing very little use. It measures 11 " high in closed position. It comes complete with an original wooden case and key, three eyepieces (#1, #3, and #4), and three excellent Leitz objectives and their brass canisters. The lenses are a #3 corresponding to 10x, a #6 at about 45x, and a 1/12 oil immersion at 90x. The serial number of 83904 is stamped on the base along with the name: "E. Leitz Wetzler." The plano-concave mirror is in mint condition. There is a substage condenser with two thumbscrews to control lateral alignment. In a slot on the inside of the box is another condenser that appears to be for use with low power lenses. Focus is by rack and pinion, with fine focus by a knob on top of the column. All controls work perfectly and smoothly, as new. The lacquered brass finish is excellent at about 100% with minor scuffing around the eyepiece tube. In addition, this microscope comes with a mechanical stage accessory (see photo) that is also stamped "E. Leitz Wetzler" on the brass. The stage fits and works perfectly. There is a small spot worn in the lacquer about " wide worn on the top near the name, and the bottom side shows some wear from sliding. The stage case is in mint condition and stamped "E. Leitz Wetzler" in gold on the top. (Original stage clips in mint condition are with the microscope.) This is truly one of the best examples of this type microscope, and, with the rare mechanical stage, is a real find.

Item 1007

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