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Ernst Leitz – 1945

Made in 1945 at the end of WWII, this instrument has an understated, spartan elegance with its uncomplicated black profile and unusual black coarse focus control. It is in almost new condition, measures 12 " closed, and is signed "Ernst Leitz, Wetzler, No. 380047" in block letters on the barrel. Two large black knobs control the rack and pinion coarse focus, and, beneath them, separate, smaller matte silver knobs control fine focus. The instrument has a similarly finished, matte silver Leitz mechanical stage. Sub-stage optics include an adjustable Abbe condenser with variable diaphragm and swing out filter holder, in addition to a plano-concave mirror. The three lens turret contain original 170mm tube length Leitz lenses: 3(10x), 6L(45x), and 1/12 oil immersion. A 10x Leitz eyepiece completes the optical system. The microscope is in "as new" condition, completely functional and optically superior. The instrument is housed in a finger-jointed wooden case with black metal handle and painted black lock with key. Beneath its stylistic simplicity is the resurgent splendor of a comfortably precise instrument.

Item 1076

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