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A beautiful, re-lacquered brass microscope signed "E. Leitz Wetzler" on the base. The serial number of 24306 (engraved on the base) would date it circa 1895. The eyepiece is marked number 1, and the single lens is "E. Leitz Wetzler 3" (10x). The optics are up to the high Leitz standards. Coarse focus is accomplished by moving the tube within its sleeve, fine focus by a knob on the stand. The microscope measures 10" high in closed position, but extends to about 12" in use. A circular condenser with fixed stops rotates under the stage. The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition. A similar microscope is featured in Billing’s, page 87, figure 162, and also in Turner’s "Collecting Microscopes", page 93.

Item 1068

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